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Warning Signs for Domestic Violence

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There is nothing good in violence. Many have fallen victim to it, men, women and children. It is a horrifying truth that people sometimes silently suffer. The signs sometimes aren’t so obvious. This is because this type of violence is not only done physically but also controlling one’s mind and emotions too.

A personal injury lawyer Colorado springs is someone who can help with this but only if you are willing to be assisted. There are a lot of things that a victim goes through but the emotions are so profound that sometimes all they feel is that they are trapped.

All of us have a gut feelings, and if you are feeling scared and not the good one with your partner then it might be good to let them go. You see in domestic violence, hurting you physically doesn’t come fast. It creeps on you, your partner will isolate you from your friends and family through odd request of why you shouldn’t see them. By the time you realize what is going on, you feel trapped and with nowhere to go.

Here are some of the warning signs that your partner is not the right one for you. If you feel like there is some abuse by your partner, that might be the case.

Your Partner:

  1. Bullies you

This bullying can come from accuses of having an affair, criticizes you, threatens you and controls you. There are some subtle ways to bully someone, and you should keep in mind that if things could really get out of hand really fast.

  1. Cuts you off from family and friends

If your partner is too controlling in a way that he makes you ask permission before you can go, puts a tracker on you to keep close tab on you and humiliates you in front of others to isolate you. This is a red flag for violence, you have no one to turn to and this is an abuse to your emotions and well- being.

  1. Controls your money

You are entitled to your own money and how you spend it. However, if your partner keeps it from you and bars you from having your own job to support yourself that could be another way to control and isolate you.

  1. Physical Abuse

There are all types of physical abuse and not all of them is hitting or punching you in the face. It could be living you in an unfamiliar place, won’t let you eat, drink or sleep. It could be that they lock you in or out of your home, attacks you with weapons. Abuses you sexually without regards of how you feel.

When you are in a relationship, there should be a partnership wherein the two of you can exercise your rights. There shouldn’t be neglect and isolation relationships is suppose to help you grow and blossom. It is not an excuse to hurt someone because you are angry with them. It is never right to resort to violence to control someone because you didn’t get what you want.

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