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Benefits of Automating Your Home

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We’re so lucky and we are now living in an advanced generation. Our lives are now easier because we have access to advanced technologies. Aside from the improvements in communication and transportation, our homes are now also becoming technologically advanced. Who would have thought that we’ll come to a point of our lives where we can control our homes using our gadgets no matter where you are? Home automation has now been an option for people who are not always at home but still wants to check what’s going on in their house. In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of home automation.

Appliances and Lighting Control

There are times when we forget about turning off the lights or some of our appliances especially when we’re on a rush. Home automation gives us added safety because we’ll have the ability to control the lighting and small appliances. With just one click on our device anywhere in the globe, we are sure that our home is safe.

Automated Door Locks

One of the best reasons why you should have your home automated is the advantage of door locks. If you always forget to lock the front door, it won’t be a problem anymore because automated door locks will lock your doors in no time. You have the control to lock the door whenever someone forgets to do so and you’re at work. It will also alert you if someone tries to enter your home without your permission.

Security with Surveillance Cameras

We can’t be always in the house especially if we’re busy. If we are not always on our home, it means that we often miss things that are happening there. If the house has automated system, you can see what’s happening inside your house and even in the yard. The security cameras increase the safety of your family by recording what’s happening in there.

Temperature Adjustment

Another benefit you’re going to get from home automated system is the control over the temperature, whether you’re inside the house or you’re away. There are times when we forget to adjust our thermostat, so when we come home it’s either too hot or too cold. This is inconvenient especially if we have to wait for a while for the house to get the exact temperature we prefer. Using a home automation will improve your experience because you can adjust the temperature while you’re still at work.

Saves Time

All of these will lead to one thing: you can save time. We are now living in busier times, our lifestyle is too fast-paced and its’ difficult to keep up. However, with home automation system we can accomplish everything when our home is automated. You can be more productive because you can spend those times adjusting the thermostat, locking the door, turning off lights and appliances doing something else.

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Factors that affects the cost of tree removal service

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There are many factors that affect the cost of removing a tree. Sometimes it only cost $50 and other times it could reach up to $25 thousand. This is a very unsatisfying if you ask what the cost of removing a tree is and getting the answer “it depends”.  Having a reliable formula is better but unfortunately, this formula still no exists.

While having no definitive formula yet to know the average cost of a tree removal, here are some factors that affect the total price of tree removal service.

Size of the tree

This is the number one factor that affects the cost of the removal of the tree. Both the crown spread and the height are considered by the arborist of It’s difficult to get the accurate height of the tree but there is an application from apple that you can download that can estimate the height of your tree. Large tree that is above 15 feet would likely cost you about $1,000 for the tree removal. If your tree is around 100 feet, it would probably cost you about $2,500 in the cost of the tree removal.

Obstacles surrounding the tree

If the tree extends to the top of your house, it would cost you a little more in the removal of the tree. If your home is made up of cedar shingles or you have a skylight, it would cost you even more. And if a tree is like about 10 feet from your home, it would cost you more on the removal. Obstacles greatly affect the price, if you have other things around the tree to be removed like playground sets, and RVs. If you are planning to have a new fence, install it after the tree removal, it might save you money.

Do you have permit that is required in the removal of the tree?

Some city is requiring for a formal approval of removing a tree in streets. You can bypass the process but you have to face certain fines that are about $1,000 or more that will quickly void your savings.

How easy to access of the tree?

If the tree could be access by removal equipment, it would cost you lesser because of no extra work and this makes tree removal from your backyard cost is higher compared to the tree removal from your front yard.

Condition of the tree

If you have a rotten dead tree, cracking or diseased tree or any other bad situation, it would cost you more for it is more difficult to remove dead or sick trees than those healthy ones.

Expectation in the cost of the removal of tree

It is also taken into account if there is something that could possible happened. The potential cost of the repair is also taken into account. The amount of effort in cleaning is also considered and these things also affect the cost of the tree removal.

Time of the year

Warm months are busy months for the tree removal company. If your tree doesn’t need immediate attention, you might want to schedule it in other months to save you on the cost. It would be a bonus if the ground is frozen to minimize the impact of removing a tree at your lawn.

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